I Love the Fair!

New Jersey State Fairgrounds Calls for Volunteers to Beautify

The Fairgrounds and Support Local Agriculture


AUGUSTA, NJ—The Sussex County Fairgrounds, located in Augusta, NJ, serves as the hub for year-round entertainment and education for the residents of New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and more! The great people behind the success are now calling on the community for help beautifying, preserving, and improving The Fairgrounds, as well as promoting the agricultural community.

The Fairgrounds is most well-known for the annual New Jersey State Fair, held in August. The Fair was moved to this location in 1976, allowing organizers to take advantage of the beautiful, spacious grounds, outdoor amenities, and an indoor venue that provides a sophisticated location built for events. Since then, it has grown into a pillar of the community, providing entertainment, education, and opportunity to visitors from all around. In addition to the main event, The Fairgrounds also hosts Springfest—a garden show that not only allows people to showcase their gardening success, but to learn more about the activity. The Fairgrounds is also home to a learning center, cultural events, horse shows, livestock shows, and a Farmers’ Market.

The Fairgrounds, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization is entirely community-based, and is not funded by the county or state. This means that the success of this venue is completely due to the hard work and dedication of the many volunteers, community members, and sponsors who contribute. In order to continue along this trend and improve The Fairgrounds even further, volunteers are in high demand. No matter what your skill level or experience is, there is always something happening at The Fairgrounds, and our volunteers make it happen!

“I look forward to the community coming together to give their time and talent to ‘our fair,’” says President of the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce, Tammie Horsfield. “Our Fairgrounds is so much a fabric of our community and is loved by so many. If you love our Fair, I hope you will join us! I encourage anyone who has ever participated in or visited our annual Fair or Fairgrounds to join us in this fun and rewarding day.”

Improving The Fairgrounds will not only make for a more beautiful and enjoyable atmosphere for Fairgrounds events, but will benefit the community at large. The Fairgrounds is an economic opportunity for Sussex and surrounding counties, bringing in visitors who contribute to the well-being of the whole area. Local businesses enjoy increased opportunities during this time, and sponsors have the opportunity to reach participants with whom they might not otherwise come into contact. The farming community also experiences benefits, as the services and products that are available locally are more widely publicized, and interest is generated about local farming as a whole.

Show how much you love The Fair by volunteering to help enhance The Fairgrounds! Special days are set aside for this project on May 23rd and 24th  from 9 am to 4 pm. Join us then and donate your time and/or material—your support is always valued!

The Fairgrounds is located at 37 Plains Road—Augusta, New Jersey. Office hours are currently from Tuesday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. For more information, contact The Fairgrounds at 973.948.5500, email thefair@njstatefair.org, or visit www.newjerseystatefair.org.


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