The Three Little Pigs Await Your Visit at the 2014 New Jersey State Fair/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show!

Art Project Combines Street Art, Entertainment, and Charity, Raises Funds for Fair Improvement

AUGUSTA, NJ - The New Jersey State Fair has a brand new Art Project under way. Three popular local artists have agreed to “Paint-A-Pig” made of fiberglass to be auctioned off on Sunday, August 10th during the Wood Carver Chainsaw Auction at The Fair. Proceeds will go directly to The Fairgrounds in order to improve the venue and beautify the space for years to come.

The “Three Little Pigs Project” brings together well-known wildlife artist Carol Decker, modern, colorful, acrylic painter Patricia Gray Redline, and airbrush and sign specialist Art Frisbie. All three have agreed to be a part of this exciting event, a first-time Sussex County fundraiser. The funds generated will go into the new Fair Improvement Fund, recently created by Fair President, Tammie Horsfield. This fund is designated expressly for grounds and buildings improvements, to keep the facility in top shape.

Street Art Projects have been held all across the country to raise funds for various cities and special needs children. In 2000, New York City held a “Cow Parade” of 300 life-sized cows, painted by talented artists. This was a huge tourist attraction and fundraiser! Horses, mountain lions, moose, and countless other creatures of all sizes have also been used successfully. The 36-inch high by 52-inch long Pigs can be used by any homeowner or business as an attractive conversation piece or used in a landscape area. They will have added value because of the reputation of the artists who painted. These one-of-a-kind Pigs will undoubtedly be eagerly sought after at the sale.

Fair visitors are invited to view all three decorated Pigs, which will be displayed in a prominent location during the 2014 New Jersey State Fair. When the Pigs go up for auction on the last Sunday of The Fair, lots of people will want to see who goes home with what Pig and how much money is raised for grounds improvements.

Additional artists are welcome to contact us about painting a pig for next year. It’s always a lot of fun to see how different artists interpret the challenge of “Painting a Pig.”

Contact Lois Pellow, Special Projects Coordinator, for more information at 973-903-0738. Office hours are currently from Tuesday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. For more information, contact The Fairgrounds at 973.948.5500, email thefair@njstatefair.org, or visit www.njstatefair.org.


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