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Speed Bumps Needed on Ithanell Road, Residents Say

Homeowners get nearly 100 signatures for petition for speed bumps on their street.

Residents living on Ithanell Road believe adding speed bumps on their curvy street would be safer for the pedestrians, bikers and skateboarders who are on the street daily.

That's why resident Arlene Lelling got a group of Hopatcong residents to sign a petition for the request, and presented it to the mayor and council at Wednesday night's Hopatcong Borough Council Meeting.

Residents argued that cars constantly speed on the 25-mile-per-hour street, and that it is hard for drivers to see the pedestrians while traveling around the curves.

Lelling went door-to-door and got 98 signatures on the petition that reads that the residents are "concerned for the safety and health of ourselves, our children, our guests, and our pets."

The several residents that went up with Lelling to present the petition all agreed that ever since Ithanell Road was paved, there have been an increase of bikers and skateboars.

"At some point somebody is going to get hit, that's my fear," resident Victoria McMahon-Croce said. "I'm concerned about people in the neighborhood and mostly the teenagers that run up and down that road."

Others argued that there's no shoulder lane or sidewalks for kids to walk safely to school, or for residents to walk their dogs as cars pass by on the road.

Mayor Sylva Petillo said that the petition is referred to Hopatcong Police Traffic Unit, and they will conduct a study and offer suggestions.

BeachBum October 19, 2012 at 12:24 PM
I agree with that area as well - Put up the digital speed counters like all other towns use - They attach righ to the poles - Hopatcong is full of speeders and tailgaters - They will wake up when some kids get hurt on River Styx and Lakeside Blvd and Hopatchung by the parks
jazzman October 19, 2012 at 01:38 PM
if theres ever is a accident with child,dog walkers,joggers,or just walking down to the store,speed is not going to be the factor simple CAUTION if approaching pedestrians yes even when there just standing there talking,i get waves from people i dont even know with this simple acknowledgement of there presents,you people young and old can speed all you want,... but is it so bad that you cant slow down a little when you see a little life on the road!even squirrels can dodge you if you give them a little time
S. Coventry October 19, 2012 at 04:06 PM
If we put sidewalks where they need to be eventually the entire town would have sidewalks.
Edubb October 19, 2012 at 04:45 PM
CMC someone has to get hit, hurt seriously or die to get this done. It's the same thing when we have automobile recalls. How many people die before they announce the issue? Its the way of the business.
S.Holey October 19, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Madison Trl/E.Madison Trl is a road that needs to be re-paved but sometimes I think it's better the way it is for one reason. The repeated patching and bumps and whatnot on the road serves as its own speed bumps! But that doesn't keep people from speeding down our twisty, blind-spotted, bumpy road. Everyone driving down a road should always have the fear of "could I live with myself if I hit a child or kill someone for being an idiot and driving too fast."


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