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It’s the little things . . .

New Carnation Office Cleaning customers who sign a 1-year agreement will receive 50% off their first and last month’s invoice.  PLUS, upon signing an annual agreement they will receive a case of Bounty Paper Towels – FREE.

Why Bounty Paper Towels?  A lot of our competition uses the cheapest paper towels they can buy. In reality, we believe Bounty paper towels are the best. Bounty doesn't wash their end product in bleach to whiten the towels; therefore, they don't streak the surface when used with most Window Cleaners. Most Window Cleaners have ammonia in them which causes a chemical reaction with most any towel other than Bounty.

Seems like a small detail, but with over 25 years of experience and quality in office cleaning and maintenance, we've learned the value of treating our customers right.  These are the small but important details that make Carnation Cleaning Corp unique. 

Call us for a free, no obligation estimate at 973-984-2547 or visit our website www.CarnationCleaningCorp.com for more information.

We provide a variety of services ranging from general office cleaning & maintenance, floor cleaning, window cleaning, rug cleaning, to light bulb replacement and fixture maintenance, indoor plant care, courier services and much more . . . making us uniquely qualified to fulfill all your office cleaning and maintenance needs! 


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