5 Ways to Spot Drug Abuse Red Flags

Tips for Hopatcong parents from the Center for Prevention and Counseling.

The Center for Prevention and Counseling, which held a drug trend meeting at Monday night, recently released tips on how to spot the "red flags of substance abuse" regarding teenagers and adolescence.

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  1. You Need to Speak to a Doctor: "Have your family rotor of local cliic examine your child to rule out any other physical problems," the center said in a release.
  2. You Need to Speak Calmly and Objectively: "Never confront a child who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Wait until her or she is sober. Then, discuss your suspicions with your child calmly and objectively," the center said in a release.
  3. You Need to Call 911: "If your child is unresponsive, seek immediate medical help by calling 911," the center said in a release.
  4. You Need to Rely on a Professional: "If you think that your child us being untruthful and the evidence thereof is strong, you may wish to have your child evaluated by a health professional experienced in diagnosing adolescents with alcohol and other drug-related problems," the center said in a release.
  5. You Need to Call the Police If … "If you find drugs or drug paraphernalia in your child's possession, the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office suggest that you do not touch the substance if unidentifiable and call your local police station. (Note-a police investigation follows the retrieval of the drug/paraphernalia, and the child will be appointed a juvenile court lawyer. Parents and police officers involved will be subpoenaed. Each case is unique, and there are no guaranteed outcomes or sentences following trial.)," the center said in a release.

Share with us your tips on spotting teenage drug about in the comments.

jeff February 14, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Parents need to sent the same message at home. Myteensavers counselors treat teen addicts. The pills are a huge problem. Kids are raiding the medicine cabinets at home and getting hooked on drugs. Parents need to have frequent anti-drug discussions with their kids and they could really use a weapon like home drug test kits. While they will not detect synthetic canabinoids, they will detect the opiate use from the popular pills like Xanax, Percocet, and Oxycontin. And typically once kids run out of pills, they switch to cheaper highs like heroin.


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