Five Ways to Remember Summer

Mai tais, flowers and a fake tan just might jog your memory.

Spring, you're slowly redeeming yourself. But we're looking past you.

Hopatcong had a rough enough winter. And with this mostly sad spring, many in the borough could probably use a warm-weather pick-me-up, though Monday's forecasts call for temperatures in the mid-60's. With that in mind, check out these ways to remember that summer will be here ... eventually.

  1. You Need to Know to Get a (Fake) Tan: Sick of white snow and even whiter skin? Head over to . We suggest a little less time in the bed than The Situation, though.
  2. You Need to Buy Some Flowers: It's said that flowers make the perfect gift and that holds true even if you buy them for yourself. Stop by , pick out some colorful blooms and give your home–and you–a pick-me-up.
  3. You Need to Know to Have a Mai Tai: Consult with the Wikibook of Mai Tai recipes, take a trip to the , or West Shore Spirits and mix up a batch of summery drinks. If you can get your hands on a few of those little umbrellas, even better.
  4. You Need to Know to Check Out the : Yes, it snowed Thursday night. But all that's gone. Soon, you'll be paying probably a little too much to park your car and spend the day with the family. Head over here now to soak in the scenery. Warning: Geese poop everywhere.
  5. You Need to Know to Listen to Goodbye Friday: The Hopatcong band has a knack for crafting summer hits. Check out their Facebook page and soak in the warmth of their tunes.


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