Hopatcong Kids Spread Underage Drinking Message

Hit borough liquor stores, use stickers to inform.

 The Center for Prevention & Counseling’s Community Trials Intervention Project held a "sticker shock" campaign on Friday to raise awareness about substance abuse.

Members of the group set out to two of Hopatcong’s local liquor stores, The Liquor Factory and Carol’s Wine Cellar, to place stickers on beer and alcoholic beverages boasting “Keep It Legal!”

The purpose of this campaign is to prevent the purchase of alcohol for minors, and to spread awareness of the consequences that come with serving alcohol to underage citizens, Center for Prevention and Counseling member Tina Thompson said.

Distribution of alcohol by adults to minors can result in up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. This information is also offered on the stickers that have been placed throughout the local liquor stores.

Members of the CTI are strong advocates of substance abuse prevention as they attend monthly meetings for the cause. Lacey Krueger, a CTI member, said that being involved in this group helps them to stay away from the temptation of alcohol and other substances. Belle Ward, another member, said “we do a lot of fun stuff.”

The Center for Prevention and Counseling’s efforts reach beyond just the Sticker Shock Campaign.

Billboards that feature the group members and a suggestion to “Celebrate…without alcohol,” can be seen in Hopatcong, Andover and Branchville. A few members also recently recorded a PSA at Barber Shop Studios. During the school year, ten members of the group teamed up with students in Tulsa Trail for the “Mentoring Plus” program which allowed older children to mentor Hopatcong’s youth. There is also a Resource Center open Monday through Friday which makes books, videos, audiotapes and more available to the public.

The Center’s mission is to promote hope, health, and recovery among all people by fostering a community in which individuals and families thrive.


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