Election Day 'Steady' Despite Malfunction of One Voting Machine, Says Sparta Clerk

Polls remain open in Hopatcong and Sparta until 8 p.m.

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Turnout has been "steady" so far for the general election now underway, according to Sparta Township Clerk Mary Coe.

"So far only District 13 has experienced a problem with the voting machine and [Sussex] County has sent a replacement," Coe told Patch. "The turnout so far has been steady."  

Those heading out to vote during the early afternoon should not find much of a wait if any. Coe said that the busiest times at the polls tend to be early in the morning and in the evening when people return home from work. 

No further snags are anticipated, but Coe said election staffers are on the job.

"If voters run into problems at the polls, the poll workers are there to help," she said. "If they can't help, then they would contact the County Board of Elections who would send someone out to resolve the problem."  

Residents can reach the board at 973-579-0950. 

Identification is not required to vote in the Sparta general election, however, one must be a registered voter. Polls will remain open until 8 p.m. Find out what you need to know for Election Day here.

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Michele Guttenberger November 05, 2013 at 02:07 PM
Apparently it was more than one machine that was having a problem. When I arrived at my voting site at the Hopatcong Senior Center with my husband Jeff, I clearly said the Guttenberger's are here at the registration table. We were told that there was only one machine working. I said "what a misfortune because Hopatcong has 2 write in BOE candidates running and write in's slow the voting ballot. I had my own brief moment of write-in history when I ran as mayor in objection to an uncontested race. I remember the former Patch Reporter Brendan Kuty wrote the story on Patch that the Mayor was allowed in the voting area of the Hopatcong Senior Citizen Center voting site to check the registration process. Kuty claimed she brought in a book and did some reading for a few hours and I also remembered how loud the write in letters sounded that day when I pressed each letter to write myself in and "Guttenberger" was such a long name with all this beeping sounding off in the room it seemed that everyone present had a good guess I was voting for myself . Anyway - back to this election - Miraculously they got the other machine working just when it was my turn to vote which took some time because I believe in write-in's when there is an uncontested spot on the ballot and in Sussex County that happens quite often. If, I am not pleased with the name on the check off box, I write something in to show my dissatisfaction. In the former Soviet Union they had uncontested candidates too but they did have an accept or reject box. Too bad we don't have the same for uncontested races in Sussex County than I don't have to spend so much time writing in any name to let the polling result takers know that an Independent voter made a conscious effort not to vote for the uncontested candidate. At least today the write in letter beeps weren’t as loud as my own write- in day.
B B November 05, 2013 at 02:20 PM
A reject box would be awesome!!! Both machines were working when I was there before 7AM
bob morris November 05, 2013 at 11:01 PM
I want to thank all my family and Friends and especially my beautiful wife Donna for supporting me during this campaign. I want to express support and congratulations to my opponent Gary Chiusano. Its a great system that we have in America..and the voters truly wanted Gary to represent them as Surrogate. For those candidates that smile and pretend that losing is ok..or is not painful...that is nonsense. I wanted to win and ran to win. period I had a great experience and met many great people in Sussex County...Good Luck the next 5 years Gary...you will be a great Surrogate!
Michele Guttenberger November 08, 2013 at 08:06 PM
Bob Morris I was so happy to see we in Sussex County had an contested race for Surrogate. Unfortunately, all the Republican candidates that Sussex County has voted in will be lame duck representatives for Sussex County. They have no political clout on state legislation since Sussex County has shown itself to be a bright red region with a purple Governor and solid blue state senate. This means nothing great will ever come to Sussex County and we are on the very bottom of political consideration list because even the Democratic Party in Sussex County has proven itself to have no party backbone and did not join the Booker bandwagon for a wining US senate race. They will left be forgotten in blue state political dust too. Sussex County is holding no winng cards and no bargaining chips and no favors owed. The only interest NJ has in Sussex County is what it can take from Sussex County and that is all our undeveloped land which our Republican electives have been gladly handing over into NJ state control in exchange for grant money or to corporate offshore land investment speculators that our exploiting the tax incentives of these land trusts. So good for you for not representing either party that sold out Sussex County in one form or another. Maybe Chiusano is a good man for surrogate but the bills that he underwrote when he was in assembly had a very ALEC - American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) look to them. Oroho is an admitted ALEC member and I am so glad that all our state district reps will be treated like bastard children in having a say over state legislation. Because if they did have control, they would be selling us out by the influence they are under from their outsider big money lobbying benefactors.
Eyeballs November 09, 2013 at 09:51 AM
please keep your posts shorter... we don't have all day to read gibberish... thank you...


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