County Surrogate Candidate Challenges Incumbent to 2 Debates

Independent candidate Bob Morris introduces his campaign and takes the offensive against Sussex Surrogate Gary Chiusano.

Bob Morris from campaign website
Bob Morris from campaign website
First of a series of profiles on the men and women on the ballot for the Nov. 5 general election. Candidates interested in participating are encouraged to contact Editor NR Davis at natalie.davis@patch.comarding his challenge against incumbent.

In this opening installment, Bob Morris, 53, a Sparta resident and former NASDAQ trader, released a statement throwing down a challenge to
 Republican Party nominee Gary Chiusano's re-election bid for Sussex County surrogate. Morris' statement follows:

I am "Bob" Morris and I am an Independent candidate running for Sussex County surrogate. I have been a resident of Sussex County since 1968, a successful financial executive and entrepreneur.

I feel compelled to oppose the Republican candidate, who is a career politician, he rarely completes terms for government positions held and based on his
political ads, doesn't appear to understand the responsibilities of the job.  

I am dedicated to forego any salary for the position of surrogate to the extent the law will allow and use those funds to upgrade an old and slow computer system, making technology quick and efficient.

An aggressive target of a 20 percent reduction in the amount of people in the county that pass without a will, or a health directive and a power of attorney is one of my top priorities.

I am is not a politician but one who has succeeded in the business world. I will bring that success to the county in a job that I am eminently qualified for. 

I will create with my own money an online library and an in-house library complete with software and computers for Sussex County residents to construct a cost-free will. I will not provide any legal advice, but I will provide a user-friendly link to the Bar Association. Your legal library will be set up in such a streamlined fashion, that users will be able to navigate and produce their own documents with confidence. 

I am an underdog now. However, I am confident that I will become the watchdog  for the people of Sussex County! I know that I will help the people in this county save money, improve technology, speed service and simplify the process. I have done it in the financial world and I will do it here.

The only information I have seen from my opponent is a desire to move up the ladder financially in the governmental sector with no real understanding of his position.

My opponent accepted an increase in salary as he switched governmental positions before he ever set foot in the office. Taxpayers in Sussex County are accustomed to receiving a raise based on performance, merit or longevity, not for just showing up. Accepting a raise that is above the constitutional standard flies in the face of his claim of being a conservative. 

That's why I MUST run—to give voters a choice between a career politician like Gary Chuisano and a citizen servant like Bob Morris.

I am a an Independent candidate with a Republican background. I truly believe that myself and my opponent should debate the issues. I think debates are crucial. I know my plans are clear and concise and people will quickly see why I am the logical choice.

I challenge my opponent to two debates. We should have one in October and one in November.

I am ready for the challenge, ready to serve and bring a real business approach to the position. These economic times call for real candidates, not career politicians. 
a conte October 04, 2013 at 08:36 AM
The question is has Gary Chiusano been an effective Surrogate for Sussex County. Most NJ Surrogates have significant outreach progams to assist residents with: wills, directives,etc., Sussex County does not. Bob Morris' platform would let Sussex County be more innovative and functional. I vote for the most competent candidate not a political party machine.
Chris Barras October 10, 2013 at 12:13 AM
Bob Morris really isn't telling the truth here. The law is very clear and he failed to file his D-1 until Watchdog posted this to remind him. THE FACT IS that Morris filed his D-1 on October 4th. That is AFTER he posted here claiming to be in compliance. So it is clear that Morris is not very competent when it comes to even the simple paperwork associated with a political campaign. Heavens forbid what will happen to your will! As for Watchdog having "no balls" (your words, Mr. candidate Morris) maybe you should try reading up on a fellow named Ben Franklin. He used to write under the name Silence Dogood. Tell him he as "no balls" (nice words for a candidate).
Chris Barras October 11, 2013 at 02:49 PM
Dear Bob, if you are running for a job that requires exactness, you really should mind your spelling. It is "too" not "to"; "an anonymous" not "a"; "you're" not "your"; "Period" not "period". And no, like your spelling, you are not in "strict" compliance. The website only indicates that you have filed. The fact is, you filed late and incomplete. NJELEC will pursue this if asked and then post that information. Would you like me to ask them to pursue it?


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