Where to Vote in the General Election in Hopatcong and Sparta

A list of local polling places for Tuesday's gubernatorial election.

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Voters in Hopatcong Borough and Sparta Township will help decide whether Chris Christie will keep his job as New Jersey governor, along with a host of other political races and two ballot questions Tuesday in the 2013 general election.  

The polls open Tuesday at 6 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Those wanting to early vote may do so in person only at the Sussex County clerk's office in Newton at 83 Spring St., Suite 304.  The deadline to early vote is 3 p.m. Tuesday.


Districts 1 and 9: Municipal Building, 111 River Styx Road

Districts 2 and 7: Firehouse #2, Maxim Drive and Indian Trail

District 3:  Firehouse #4, 4 Jefferson Trail

District 4: Ambulance Building , 514 Maxim Drive

Districts 5 and 12: Hopatcong Middle School, 1 David Road

District 6: Hopatcong Civic Center, 32 Lakeside Blvd.

District 8: Hopatcong Schools Building, 2A Windsor Ave.

District 10: St. Jude's Church Meeting Room, 40 Maxim Drive

District 11: Firehouse #3, Hopatchung Road at Durban Avenue


District 1: Town Hall, 65 Main St.

District 2: Fire Headquarters, 141 Woodport Road

District 3 and 12: 1st Presbyterian Church, 32 Main St.

District 4 and 8: Methodist Church, 71 Sparta Ave.

District 5: Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, 246 Woodport Road

District 6: Alpine School, 151 Andover Road

District 7 and 13: VFW, 66 Main St.

District 9 and 11: Fire Headquarters, 141 Woodport Road

District 10 and 14: Mohawk Avenue School, 18 Mohawk Ave.
Roll Back Our Tax November 05, 2013 at 07:50 AM
I promised you I'd give you an update by Election Day November 5th, on the foreclosures in Hopatcong. The #1 barometer of a HEALTHY town is real estate values. That's what attracts people to an area because everyone wants to be a WINNER!. Are real estate values increasing or decreasing Hopatcong? DECREASING of course. Hopatcong TOPS all the other lakefront towns and the values have been DECREASING since 2007 when the Mayor took office and are down again 3.3% this year so far... http://www.zillow.com/local-info/NJ-Hopatcong-home-value/r_52570/#metric=mt%3D34%26dt%3D1%26tp%3D6%26rt%3D8%26r%3D52570%26el%3D0 ... plus the average house has gone from $283K in 2007 down to $181K in 2013. Also, look at the taxes. I can tell you for a fact Hopatcong has had increases of 4-6% consistently since the Mayor took office and when you compare to other towns in Sussex county ... http://php.app.com/proptaxes11/results.php?pageNum_Recordset1=1&totalRows_Recordset1=24&COUNTY=Sussex&MUNICIPALITY=%25&cap=%25&Submit2=Search ... only 2 top Hopatcong Lafayette and Walpack who's average property tax is $401. Furthermore look at the school rankings in New Jersey since the Mayor took office DOWN, DOWN, DOWN ... http://www.highschool.parkridge.k12.nj.us/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cms/2112103/File/TopHighSchoolsChart%20web.pdf ... DOWN to 289 TWO slots below Camden out of 328 and LAST in Sussex county. Year before 2011 ranked 200. Finally, look at foreclosures, pre foreclosure and tax liens since the Mayor took office... http://www.foreclosure.com/listing/search?q=Hopatcong%2C+NJ&tlany=&ptany=&boundingTopLeft=&boundingBottomRight=&zm=9&fragments=filters%2Cheader%2Cresults%2Cfooter&st=&cno=&ci=&ps=&pg=&o=&ob=&zip=&lat=&lng=&rd=&loc=Hopatcong%2C+NJ&view=list&searchInputSource=refineSearch .. out of 4,352 in Sussex county Hopatcong has 628. Back when I wrote this article in July of 2013 there was about 500... http://hopatcong-sparta.patch.com/groups/opinion/p/foreclosures-in-hopatcong .. and I said in that article..."it would be great to have these results just before the November elections". Also, I said "when the reassessment hits in August, you'll see a rise in the foreclosures shortly after that because more residential property owners will be walking away from their underwater homes because they can't afford the property taxes". Here you are Election Day and the number has risen by 128. UP 128!!! Still want to put the incumbents and other Republican contenders back into office like Hoer and Francis? Time to recall Mayor Petillo too!!!


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