Dangerous Intersection Yields 2 Accidents in 2 Days

Drivers failed to stop at the corner of Brooklyn Mountain Road and Durban Avenue, police said.

Photo courtesy of the Hopatcong Police Department
Photo courtesy of the Hopatcong Police Department
A pair of accidents were caused when drivers failed to stop at the intersection of Brooklyn Mountain Road and Durban Avenue and injured two people last week, Hopatcong Police said.

The first accident occurred Thursday morning when a driver wasn't paying attention and went through a stop sign on Durban Avenue while crossing over Brooklyn Mountain Road just before 10:30 a.m., Lt. Thomas Kmetz said.

A vehicle on Brooklyn Mountain Road crashed into the driver's side of the car that went through the stop sign, pushing it up onto a snow bank, Kmetz said.

The driver of the vehicle on Brooklyn Mountain Road was taken to the hospital after complaining of pain, Kmetz said. The driver who went through the stop sign was issued a summons for failure to stop/yield.

Flashing lights were installed near this intersection recently to alert drivers of the dangerous corner, Kmetz said.

However, a similar crash occurred at the same spot on Friday at about noon when a driver ignored the stop sign while crossing Brooklyn Mountain Road and was struck by a vehicle traveling on Durban Avenue, Kmetz said.

One of the drivers was transported to the hospital with an arm injury. A ticket for failure to stop/yield was issued to the driver who ran the stop sign.

jazzman March 11, 2014 at 10:17 PM
seriously thats all you got...BrooklyMt has other areas of incidents of accident prone intersections along its path of carnage with cross st intersections,next up Squire rd...follow that with Broadway...both cross st with bad sight lines and traffic that cant slow down for some reason,and for every car that travels on Durban you have 10 cars on BrooklyMt...so a speeding car on Durban is not rellevent
Erik March 12, 2014 at 06:28 PM
Since when does the amount of traffic on one road or the other matter as to who should yield to who? There are many intersections in this borough that make no sense: 1. Flora and Frances - Flora is the main road, but going south on Flora there is a full stop at Frances. Going north? No full stop. Sure, it's to slow traffic at the middle school, but it's also a revenue source: the police are glad to issue tickets, even on weekends, to those who miss the full stop. 2. Hopatchung and Lakeside - The major traffic flow is from Lakeside northbound left onto Hopatchung, and the other direction from Hopatchung right onto Lakeside southbound. But who has the right-of-way? Southbound Lakeside Blvd traffic from north of Hopatchung (Pickerel Pt area), even though even though it's a small side street. I have seen people coming out of this side street actually accelerating and not looking either way as they pull out onto the main thoroughfare, probably because they feel everyone else has to yield to them. Sooner or later someone is going to get seriously hurt at this intersection. 3. Now back to Durban and Brooklyn-Mountain - again I have seen northbound Brooklyn-Mountain traffic accelerate and 'tighten up' as they approach Durban because they don't want cars on Durban to try and get across between gaps in the traffic. I have seen cars moving so quickly that if they have to make a turn onto Durban they have to cut the corner, sometimes into oncoming lanes, because they are moving so fast. In my opinion this intersection needs either a four-way stop or blinking reds on Durban and blinking yellows on Brooklyn Mountain. Hopefully then everybody will just SLOW DOWN before someone gets killed.


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