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3 Brothers Pose Danger to Community, Police Say

Lost Cat Reunited With Owner 4 Months Later

Pet was found Thursday stuck in a bush on Tulsa Trail.

A cat that had been missing for four months in Hopatcong was reunited with his owner Thursday, after a resident found him stuck in a bush on Tulsa Trail, police said.

Animal Control Officer Dale Sloat responded to the Tulsa Trail home where the cat, named Meec, had his collar stuck on a branch in the front yard, according to a report released by Lt. Thomas Kmetz.

Kmetz said that Meec was injured from trying to free himself from the bush, and had a laceration under his front leg.

Sloat took the cat from the bush, and was able to contact the owner through the microchip Meec had in him.

Once Sloat reuinted the owner with her cat Thursday morning she told Sloat, "This is the best Christmas present anyone has ever given me."

The cat had run out of the owner's Windsor Avenue home in August when she went to take the garbage out, Kmetz said. She moved out of the area two weeks later, but continued to search for her cat.

Kmetz said that Sloat wants everyone to know that cats should have break away collars, even if they are inside cats.


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