Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing from His Father, Other Crimes

Sentencing for 21-year-old Charles Baum is set for November.

File photo
File photo
A Hopatcong man pleaded guilty to smashing a woman's vehicle window and stealing her cashed paycheck, stealing and selling his father's television and other offenses at the Sussex County Courthouse in Newton on Sept. 16. Sussex County Prosecutor David J. Weaver made the announcement Tuesday.

Charles A. Baum, 21, was charged with theft, receiving stolen property, criminal mischief and the disorderly persons offense of theft by deception.

The prosecutor said that in pleading guilty, Baum admitted to breaking into a vehicle and stealing money from it, selling a television he did not own to another person and stealing a vehicle in Hopatcong between Aug. 20 and Sept. 10 last year.

Superior Court Judge Mary G. Whipple is expected to hand down Baum's sentence on Nov. 1, said Weaver.
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