New Burglary Charges Filed Against Hopatcong Man

39-year-old arrested for the third time in a month, allegedly linked to second Mendham Twp. break-in.

Mendham Township Police Chief Steve Crawford said earlier this month if someone commits a crime in Mendham Township, it isn't a matter of if they were going to be caught, but rather when.

For Hopatcong resident Anthony Troyano Jr., that seems to hold true.

Troyano was arrested Thursday for a third time in a month and linked to a second Mendham Township burglary, according to Lt. Vito Abrusci.

Troyano, 39, was originally arrested on Nov. 16 for allegedly burglarizing a home four days prior in Mendham Township.

Troyano made bail on those charges but was arrested at a DWI checkpoint in Hopatcong on Dec. 7 and charged with possession of crack cocaine, possession of paraphernalia, driving while suspended and possession of CDS in a motor vehicle.   

According to Abrusci, the second set of burglary charges stem from an investigation into a second burglary Troyano is alleged to have committed on Nov. 12.  

"The investigation was a cooperative effort of several police agencies, including Bedminster, Hopatcong, Morris Township, New Jersey State Police, Peapack- Gladstone, the CIS, Warrant Squad and K9 Units of the Morris County Sheriff's Office, Somerset and Morris County Prosecutors Office and the NYPD," Abrusci said.

Abrusci said Mendham Township Det. Dan Taquinto obtained an arrest warrant through a Superior Court judge and served Troyano in the Sussex County jail where he has been since Dec. 7. 

According to Abrusci, if Troyano posts the Hopatcong bail, then the bail on the new arrest warrant goes into effect and will need to be posted. 

"The new arrest warrant has bail set at $150,000 with no 10 percent option," Abrusci said. "If he doesn't post that, he will then be brought to Morris County jail." 

Jim Copeland December 21, 2012 at 12:15 PM
I wonder if he had a Fence? Because I had my Bose Radio,Lionel Trains and my Pocket watch collection stolen from me a few years ago and I would like to buy them back.I am also missing a pair of "Bruno Magli" Alligator Shoes. Can anyone check to see what his lawyer is wearing?
Frazure December 21, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Great mug shots - at age 39, "you've come a long way baby". You're the kind of guy that makes a family proud. It's so nice to have one of our home town boys make the news headlines three times within a month.
Maggie Mae December 21, 2012 at 12:24 PM
With all the break ins in Hopatcong over the past 2 months would be nice if Hopatcong's Police Chief had the same attitude as Mendham's Police Chief. Time to start doing some police work instead of sitting around waiting for retirement.
BeachBum December 21, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Most of the break in incidents in Hopatcong have been cars that people leave un-locked and leave computers and money inside - Lock your cars and houses, keep outdoor lights on, or get a sensor light - nobody is safe from these senseless people who steal and destroy others properties
g. whittaker December 22, 2012 at 02:49 PM
myself and one of my neighbors were among the vehicles that items were stolen from, maybe the police will try to see if he pawned any of those items recenty. Not so much for compensation, just to know if he is the culprit or not, and so he may be punished for that as well


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