Council to Honor Residents, OK Salary Ranges

Governing body to introduce $35,000 recreation improvement ordinance.

At its regular meeting of Mayor and Council, Hopatcong has a busy night and full agenda scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 6.

According to the town, Mayor Sylvia Petillo will honor the Community Emergency Response Team for outstanding service and dedication to the borough.

Also on the agenda is public recognition for Alex “Butch” Mendyk for his 35 years of service to the Hopatcong Borough Ambulance Squad.

Your Tax Dollars

The Mayor and Council plans to make two moves concerning public money, according to its agenda.

First, the governing body will introduce an ordinance that would appropriate $35,000 from municipal open space recreation trust for the purpose of recreational improvements.

Second, the group is scheduled to adopt an ordinance that would establish a minimum and maximum range of salary and compensation for certain titles of officers and employees in Hopatcong, the agenda said.

The meeting is open to the public and all residents are encouraged to attend.

Mayor and Council meet at the Hopatcong Municipal Building at 7:30 p.m.

tliberty February 06, 2013 at 02:15 PM
New Business???? It's not about making money....only about how to spend it...Sad but true :(
Jarhead February 06, 2013 at 04:57 PM
This administration seems to have no plan or direction, about many topics, they are just winging it as they go!
jazzman February 07, 2013 at 06:54 PM
thinks maybe we should have used that project money for steet lights down in the styx instead of Hopatchung,that might have been a first start to investers,my plan is to flood that whole center area,turn into swimming,jet ski rentals, boat docks a park and a large town pool all eminate domain as i see it
S. Coventry February 08, 2013 at 05:40 AM
One of the women running for council last time (hint not the incumbent) had on her literature that she would work with the DEP to clean up the River Styx area. Since the mayor and council said (for quite sometime) that they had a revitalization plan for that area I decided to see what I could find out. In 2008 the well that was being used for the Grotto, Scissor Styx, the travel agency, and two apartments was found to have unacceptable levels of Benzene, a colorless highly flammable liquid and a known carcinogen. There apparently was also soil contamination. I believe the businesses and the apartment are now on the water system. Maybe you should follow "The Watcher's" advice and go to a council meeting and ask your question about their revitalization plan before the next election. We would be interested in the answer because I agree that area needs improvement. I also wish the River Styx Grill best of luck hope they have good food at reasonable prices and a family atmosphere. Anyone know why the other grill abruptly closed?
Michele Guttenberger February 09, 2013 at 03:45 PM
The Mayor is really taking an interest in our ($35K for rec) recreation places because her favorite church will be using our public park spaces for their activities. They already have an agenda planned. Our tax and grant revenues directed to where they are needed most - the BBCC church community outreach programs - The church's sweet Tax Free deal to get the public in Hopatcong to embrace the Love of Jesus - here is the agenda from their website : " SUMMER FUN Ice Cream In the Park: Free ice cream distributed every Thursday at 6:30pm, weather permitting at Modick Park throughout the months of June, July and August Friday Night Service in Modick Glen as part of Hopatcong Days town celebration Inter-Denominational Service: held on Sunday morning in Modick Glen as part of Hopatcong Days celebration and sponsored jointly by area churches (WHICH CHURCHES ARE THEY BESIDES THE BBCC ???) Crazy Days In the Park: 4 hot Summer Fridays of games, skits, prizes, crafts and other fun activities centered on sharing the love of Jesus with kids in Modick Park" See Jarhead they do have a plan with directions straight from Jesus ;-) You just have to read certain church bulletins to find out what they are :-)


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