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Protesters Give Obama Hitler Mustache

Lyndon LaRouche supporters ask Hopatcong residents to impeach 'King Obama.'

Displaying photos of the president donning a Adoff Hitler mustache and asking passersby to help impeach "King Obama," a pair of Lyndon LaRouche supporters railed against Barack Obama Friday on the sidewalk in front of Hopatcong's post office.

Bob Wesser and Jeff Rebello handed out literature on behalf of the the LaRouche PAC—a group promoting the ideas of the leftist political activist—while supporting Democrat Diane Sare's Fifth Congressional District candidacy and warning that Obama and the German leader responsible for millions of deaths had plenty in common.

"Absolutely," Wesser, of Bogata, said of when asked if dressing Obama up with Hitler's trademark facial hair was appropriate. Wesser said the National Defense Authorization Act—national security legislation—"is the exact model on what Hitler did with the Enabling Act," which helped Hitler obtain plenary powers and establish a dictatorship.

"We don't take it lightly," Wesser said of the comparison. Wesser also said he believed Obama was on a warpath with Syria, Iran and possibly Russia.

"World War 3 will kill a lot of people," he said. "If we get into a nuclear conflict with Russia, it's going to be a hell of a lot worse than World War 2."

Rebello and Wesser also advocated for the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act—a banking law that was repealed in 1999 separating investment and commercial banking activities.

Friday wasn't the first time Hopatcong got a visit from LaRouche protesters. Last year, Hackensack residents Margaret Greenspan and Art Murphy set up in the same spot,

The pair's daylong protest drew ire and support from bystanders. As people walked by, Wesser and Rebello called out to them from near their table filled with information and photos Obama, and even the face of British Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Betrand Russell hovering above an exploding atomic bomb.

Conrad Frutos of Landing said "the president is a liar" and that though he couldn't give Wesser and Rebello a donation, he wanted Obama out of office.

Sharone Lester of Hopatcong said though she didn't mind the pair's protest, she thought they should have held it away from the post office. Lester said the duo were intimidating.

"They're not on post office property," she said. "However, my tax dollars pay for me to have access to the post office and to have to walk past that? It's one thing to stand there and to do an information drive. It's another thing to have it set up like this.

"It's intimidating. It's not right. It's information. And it shouldn't be in front of the post office. I know they're on a sidewalk, but to me, anybody who is walking by, they're standing there and they have to walk past them. And they have to walk around them. It should be some other place."

Lester said she particularly took offense to displaying Obama with a Hitler mustache.

"I find it inappropriate," she said. "It's insulting to people of the Jewish religion. It's insulting to Germans. And it's disrespectful to [the office of the president.]"

Kirsten Goodnick of Hopatcong said while she didn't want to discuss politics, she felt the protestors weren't out of line.

"They have the right to do whatever they want," said Goodnick, pushing her infant son in a stroller. "They're not bothering anybody. They're not yelling, raving and screaming. They seem to have a lot of information and they were not rude."

Wasser and Rebello, both registered Democrats, said it wasn't their first time railing against Obama and that they came to Hopatcong to support Sare, who hopes to challenge fifth-term Fifth District Congressman Scott Garrett in November.

What did you think about the protest? Tell us in the comments.

Jimmy Almond April 20, 2012 at 04:16 PM
I wouldn't live in Jersey if you paid me a million bucks. Any other intelligent questions, Glad? Or do you have nothing else to add to the topic of 0bama and the Hitler stache?
Tammy April 20, 2012 at 04:57 PM
@Jimmy Almond-If I decided to add to this topic I would do so with respect for other's opinion and without resorting to name calling and presenting half truths as facts. I have refrained from commenting on this particular subject because when dealing with people such as yourself it is pointless. Your kind reads only the headline of a newspaper article or takes what is said in a "coming up at 6" teaser for the news as hard fact without bothering to watch the whole telecast. A little time researching the facts would do you wonders. I do not have to waste my time debating the issues with somebody who does not have the intelligence nor the maturity to do so with respect and the understanding that because a person has a different opinion than yours does not make them wrong. My vote will express my opinion just fine. As for you not living in NJ if you were paid a million bucks don't worry, I'm sure those of us who live in NJ aren't going to hold an event to raise that million dollars for you. We might, however, raise that amount to keep you out.
Jimmy Almond April 20, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Oh, golly-be! Typical smart-ass response from someone who has no thoughts and ideas about the issue/topic at hand. A true leftist tactic. Knock anyone with different views, but add NOTHING but pure drivel. An epic failure on ur part. U still haven't added anything but a failed retort to banter and carry on your arrogance and ignorance. If you can't come up with anything else, I suggest you go back to mindless comments on yahoo. That might fit you better than this forum.
Joseph Buongiorno May 29, 2012 at 02:46 PM
While they have a right to express there view, they should at least have known that Hoipatcong is not in the 5th congressional district. We are in the 11 district so if they were trying to drum up support for their candidate, they were in the wrong place.
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