Questions Arise Over Status of Councilwoman Accused of Shoplifting

Estelle Klein, who has applied for pre-trial intervention, will appear in court next week.

Hopatcong Councilwoman Estelle Klein in file photo
Hopatcong Councilwoman Estelle Klein in file photo

All eyes will be on the chair of Hopatong Borough Council member Estelle Klein at the next Mayor/Council meeting, which is scheduled for Oct. 2.

Klein has missed at least two meetings since her Aug. 6 arrest for allegedly stealing about $40 in filet Mignon and other items from a Netcong ShopRite, leading police on a slow-speed car chase and resisting arrest. And My9NJ.com reports that some area residents—and Shop Rite workers—say she should be removed from the town's governing body

Klein's next court hearing in connection with the ShopRite incident is scheduled for Oct. 1.

The councilwoman is applying for pre-trial intervention, through which she could end up with the charges dismissed and a clean criminal record. However Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Daniel Ruiz told the New Jersey Herald Sept. 10 that negotiations regarding a plea offer are ongoing and that the current offer does not include PTI

According to borough law, Klein, who Town Attorney John Ursin confirmed has missed at least two council meetings since being arrested, can be voted off the body if she misses four sessions. Ursin would not say whether Klein has missed a third meeting.

Michele Guttenberger September 29, 2013 at 04:11 AM
Well Tammy I really wasn't into your debate you had with Randy but I was SUBJECTED to it. And unlike Emily he was civil to your different view. It was your long winded "crap" (your choice of words) of why we should still pay government workers attractive salaries in hard times. Thought Randy had some fiscally sound economic reasons for his comment which you twisted as a BIG 100% insult to you and we all had to read how he demeaned the entire Government workforce. This really had nothing to do with the post. However, I thought it was a personal and passionate topic and left any critical remarks about what I thought about your position. Don't think our politicians are laughing at my comments since I presented real facts that Emily tried to discredit with barrage of personal insults against my credibility. It has been a long standing issue I have with Emily and really none of your business to pass you little sermon on me. You don't know the history to jump in with your judgements. Especially since you contributed to some boring rants yourself where no one learned anything of value. Yes I too did not have to read your stuff. THE MAYOR'S APPEAL ON THE ETHICS CHARGE HAS BEEN DENIED. Thought that was an important point worth sharing. No one is being paid to be a dedicated news reporter for Hopatcong so they will wait till the story gets reported by some other outlet first and then repackage it on Patch. That is, if they have the guts to report this story at all. It is interesting how some feel they can demand others to stop their dialogue because they made themselves the self-appointed opinion monitors. It sounds rather pompous to me.
Emily September 29, 2013 at 09:38 AM
Michele please we do not have a long standing issue. I just don't like you.Your an instigator and trouble maker. Your views mean nothing to me. You discredit people with your barrage of insults . A simple question about people running for council made you turn it into a reason to discredit me. i am so foolish to even respond to you and your bashing. So I should have followed my rule of no answer is the best answer. i guess I have to start now. Have a Happy!!!!!!. Life is good!!!!!!
Tammy September 29, 2013 at 09:49 AM
Good Morning Michele-To begin with, it is you who has twisted my debate with Randy. I actually did contribute some facts that most are not aware of (such as many government workers are actually bringing home less money in their paychecks than they were several years ago due to increasing contributions, which I also said were fair, and very little to no cost of living increases). In addition, our "long winded crap" lasted all of maybe 2-3 days and we did not walk away from it as mortal enemies. I am hardly an opinion monitor. Those who are important in my life often seek out my advice as I have no difficulty in seeing both sides of things no matter where my opinion lies. I was not commenting on either of your opinions. I was commenting on the fact that both of you are providing much needed (needed by our local government) distraction from the issues. I have many times agreed with you and said so, however, I find it very telling of your character that this is twice now that I dare not get out my pom-poms and cheer for you and you come back biting. My intention was not to judge either of you. You are both entitled to your opinions. Sometimes when we just don't get along with another person we lose track of the original issue, that's all I was saying. You don't have to turn everybody that disagrees with you or says something you don't like into an enemy. I was not demanding anybody to stop their dialogue, just know that your opinions and anything of worth you contribute is getting lost in the midst of the rest of the nonsense. As far as the pompous remark goes, hello pot, meet kettle.
Michele Guttenberger September 29, 2013 at 02:38 PM
"I actually did contribute some facts that most are not aware of (such as many government workers are actually bringing home less money in their paychecks" Oh the horror!!! We in the private sector never experienced such a thing. How nasty is that, our employers were kinder and had our paychecks totally removed so it would hurt less not seeing that 100% reduction in our pay stubs. Yes, Tammy your "facts" are one sided, subjective and clueless to the overall plight of job losses in the private sector and the loss of benefits that we in the private sector experienced since many of us were forced to take temporary or part-time jobs without any benefits. And it was an observation that Randy made that you turned into a personal attack on government employees. I hope this clarifies the hello pot, meet kettle picture I have of you too. I think that if I said how thoughtless your comments were or over the top on the self-righteous positions you’ve taken, you would find it real personal and would have some biting comments back for me. Just saying, you are not the paragon on kind and sensitive and maybe you should refrain from offering the do's and don'ts on the Patch comments. You certainly have walked on the rant/crank side yourself. And I am sure if you received the Emily kind of adjectives to describe you we would see a s barrage of comments back on these posts. I hope someday you meet up with your own Emily who combs the Patch posts to drop your name in with an insult even when you’re not there and then I can give you your own words of wisdoms when you choose to defend yourself.


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