Construction Process to be Easier, Sparta Officials Say

Council plans to add committee to redesign township's construction application.

The Sparta Township Council said Tuesday night they're looking to add a committee to work on making the construction application process easier for residents.

Township Councilman Gil Gibbs suggested redesigning the application into a one page form that residents can access online.

"Other towns already do this," he said. "I would like to set up a committee to look at doing this and possibly review the entire construction process."

He said he has already discussed the concept with a couple of people who are willing to join the committee.

The volunteers so far are former council members Jim Henderson and Mike Devine, and former town manager Bill Curcio. He said he's still looking to find an electrical contractor and architect to work on the project.

Gibbs pointed out that the new process would help make the township more business friendly, as it would be easier for residents to request to do work on their home or business.

Councilwoman Molly Whilesmith agreed that it was a great idea, and said the process would be more convenient for residents and save them time.

"When people come in and ask for a variance or a waiver, or an application to build an extension then they have to go to a zoning meeting, go to a planning meeting," she said. "There's lots of things that need to happen, but we're trying to streamline the process to make it easier for residents."


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