VIDEO: New Jersey Delegates Gear up for Christie's RNC Keynote

Republican delegates attending the party's national convention in Tampa this week anticipate the governor's time in the spotlight.

Delegates from across New Jersey who are representing the Garden State at the Republican National Convention share their thoughts on what they hope the rest of the country will learn from Gov. Chris Christie's keynote.

William Mays August 30, 2012 at 02:39 AM
Don't worry Harriet, its still better than all the Republicans who cheat on their wives with their interns or male friends. Remember Mark Sanford? Don't cry for me Argentina lol.
Julie August 31, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Calling all Butler residents who are concerned for our future. Join us, on Sunday Sept 16th at Stony Brook Swim Club for a “Meet and Greet” with local and county officials. Sponsored by the Republican Club of Butler Incorporated, the event will be informative, social and fun. A voter registration table will be available and a barbeque picnic lunch will be provided. This FREE event starts at noon and is expected to run until four. Stop in, make some new friends, ask some questions, and have your voice be heard. To keep undated on what’s happening in our club please visit www.ButlerRepublicans.com
Virginia Hammer September 02, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Exactly right, Mr. Wayne. Unrealistic to so blithely ignore the tax-benefit needs (it takes $RESOURCES to ennact efficient social change for ALL NJ's population) of only the 1% in Morris or Bergen Counties. Smoke-screened "corruption clean-up" (hmmmmm ...) or not. - What about a lil' public service called: Public Education? Hmmmm, Mr. C., so far. Now or never, Mr. C. Pls. 'pony-up" to the PEOPLE, not just the 1% you appear to be "in bed with." "In bed" w/ the frightened, hoarding 1%? The "rich?" I'm afraid I'd call THAT: corruption. (Do they ACTUALLY create jobs? TRULY invest in U.S. job/green entrepreneurial development? Or sock it away in the Caymans? Hmmmmm ....) PS: My wonderful father, Frederick S. Hammer, was No. 2 of all Chase Bank - Head of Amer. Colnsumer Ops. - in the 1980s. I come from those smart, hard-working types. But they never were allowed to squirrel-away as much of what they earned (or just garnered from U.S. supercorp., apparently-somewhat-expoitative investments), as they do now. Regards to all, and Peace, Virginia Hammer // Artistic Director Midlantic Theatre Co. Theatre in Renaissance Newark + Schools & Prisons A NJ 501(c)3 nonprofit corp.
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