Where to Vote in Hopatcong on Tuesday

A list of the borough's polling places.

You want to vote in Tuesday's primary elections, but you forget where you're supposed to go?

Don't worry. Read below for a list of polling places in Hopatcong.

Districts 1 and 9: , 111 River Styx Rd.

Districts 2 and 7: , Maxim Drive and Indian Trail.

District 3: , 4 Jefferson Trl.

District 4: Hopatcong , 516 River Styx Rd.

Districts 5 and 12: Hopatcong , 1 David Rd.

District 6: Hopatcong , 32 Lakeside Blvd.

District 8: Hopatcong Schools , 2 Windsor Ave.

District 10: , 40 Maxim Dr.

District 11: , Hopatchung Road.


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