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Hopatcong High Principal's Dismissal Sparks Protest

Noreen Lazariuk, a non-tenured employee, will not have her contract renewed after this year.

A large crowd of students, parents and teachers protested Monday night the Board of Education's decision to not bring back Hopatcong High School's principal, a middle school teacher and others in the district.

Noreen Lazariuk, who took over as Hopatcong High's principal at the start of the 2012-13 school year, is a non-tenured employee whose contract will not be renewed for next year, according to the New Jersey Herald.

The crowd also urged the Board of Education to not let go middle school art teacher Jacob Kulik, three tenured social workers and nine paraprofessionals.

While the board approved the dismissal of the paraprofessionals by an 8-1 vote, the decision to eliminate the three social workers was tabled, NJ Herald reported.

Roll Back Our Tax May 25, 2014 at 09:17 AM
Michele....Hopatcong is in the TOP 10 cost for educating ONE student in Sussex County (over $20,284 to be exact) and is still in the bottom 10% in performance for NJ... http://www.njherald.com/story/25606683/2014/05/24/deconstructing-school-spending-budget-reporting-baffles-public
Michele Guttenberger May 26, 2014 at 03:21 AM
RBOT It sounds like most of Sussex County was not happy about their educational tax dollars. Everything mentioned in the NJ Herald has been going on for years. Now people are starting to take notice that they are not getting a full picture on what is listed in the budget. They've been playing these shell games with the budget for almost a decade now and it is hard to follow the dancing ball of spending. Not only the schools have hidden budget items, so does the municipality. Is the sewer cost within the planned budget? How about water rates? Garbage disposal etc. Why stop at just school budgets. When is the tax payer going to wake up and demand reform. Randolph cared and formed a citizen audit committee. The tax payer is being held up for ransom by local gov when they threaten your home will go into a tax sale if you don't pay up. But what do we do? - we hold up are arms and let them squeeze as much as allowed by law and if that is not enough they are reshuffling the tax rate with property reassessments. And we give in without protest. If you are sick, unemployed or on a small fixed income and you can't make your tax payments they will quickly sell your debt to an investors that will get a 7% yield - a deal that you can't get from a bank CD. That's the booming business in Hopatcong -Tax sales. We have allowed them to play all these budget games with us that always increases the taxes by another notch year after year without a whimper of protest or any improvement to the school or municipality.


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