Hopatcong High School Reopens, Shelter Closes

Classes will resume on Wednesday after shelter gets cleared out Monday and Tuesday.

After two weeks of being a temporary home to hundreds of displaced residents, Hopatcong High School will reopen its doors on Wednesday.

The shelter that opened two weeks ago at the height of Superstorm Sandy will shut down by Monday night, District Superintendent Dr. Charles Maranzano said.

"It's been very complicated but we were able to service the needs for the citizens in a very effective way," he said. "It was highly successful and served an incredible unanticipated need."

Most of the borough had power restored on Sunday night, 13 days after the storm left the town completely in the dark.

Maranzano said there were about a dozen residents who were still staying at the shelter on Monday, but the borough is finding them either another shelter or housing.

Maranzano said the school will be completely sanitized and cleaned on Monday and Tuesday before the students return. He said the rooms that had bedding and clothing in them will be fumigated to address any concerns of infestation.

Contrary to some rumors, Maranzano said there was no evidence of any bug beds at the high school.

Maranzano said school officials are already looking at ways to make up the lost time. He said they submitted a proposal to the state to consider extending the school days so that the total hours would equal the required 180 days.

He said that if the state doesn't allow the extended days, the school would have to add more days at the end of the year. Maranzano said this would put the students at a disadvantage because of the fixed AP and HSPA test dates.

"I want our childen to have as much instruction prior to those dates as possible," he said. "And if they allow us to make the time up by minutes, we can accomplish that, our children will be  better prepared for state testing."

Maranzano said he's also in contact with the Commissioner of Education, and will formulate several different possibilities based on what the commissioner grants the district.

Sam November 13, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Thankfully life returning to normal for most..Best part is as a parent of a Hopatcong School student, we do not have to hear Dr. Maranzano's long melo-dramatic blabberings for 3-4 minutes anymore...Seriously he must have thought he was FDR and this was World War II as he sat by his fire telling stories to the community..It was a trying time and last thing any of us needed was him to just use the Emergency system as his own private airways wasting cell phone minutes. Get to the point, be positive and be done. No more theatrical stuff..
voice of reason November 13, 2012 at 11:08 PM
The red cross stopped accepting used clothing when a shelter somewhere in south jersey had a bedbug problem. It was done as a preventive measure. No bedbugs were found at Hopatcong High School
candi November 13, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Why didn't the mayor use this system to reach us?
thetruthhurts November 14, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Thank you to Dr Maranzano for keeping updated after Sandy. He was the one person that gave us regular updates as to the status of what was going in town. Keep in mind he was the ONLY one using the emergency system! Kuddos to him!
Sam November 16, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Updates were good but get to the POINT..and he made it sound like we were in occupied England during wartime..LESS DRAMATICS and more reality...


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