Hopatcong Scholars Return to Tell Seniors About Life After Graduation

Hopatcong's 2013 graduates came back to the high school Friday and answered questions about what post-secondary life is really about.

Hopatcong High's Class of 2013, returning to answer questions about the outside world for 2014 seniors. (photo/Hopatcong School District)
Hopatcong High's Class of 2013, returning to answer questions about the outside world for 2014 seniors. (photo/Hopatcong School District)
Graduates from the Hopatcong High's Class of 2013 returned to their old haunt Friday to let the underclassmen know what life is really like out there.

The 2013 graduates were invited back to be part of the “Return of the Graduates” program on Jan. 10 during their winter break to share their post-secondary experiences since they graduated with the current senior class.

The graduates responded to the seniors' questions with "real, honest, and relevant answers," said Gina Cinotti, the high schools guidance director who brought the program to Hopatcong last year. "The answers varied slightly due to their differing college experiences, be it a 2-year, 4-year, technical school, living off campus, on-campus, etc."

The National Honor Society Officers were strategic in formulating the database of questions to ask the graduates, Cinotti said. The officers selected a variety of graduates based on which colleges they are enrolled in to give the current seniors exposure to diverse college experiences. 

“It was such a successful program and gave the seniors first-hand experience in life after high school, that I felt we had to continue the program here on out," Cinotti said. "I received so much positive feedback from students, administrators, teachers, and parents.”

Cinotti reminded seniors that they can look to their guidance counselors for assistance with post-secondary plans. 

"The Hopatcong School District is meeting the mark on the 2013-14 theme of 'The New Hopatcong' ", said Cynthia Randina, the borough's school superintendent, in a release. She promised Hopatcong High School will continue to provide real life programs like this to provide the support and direction for its students.
Emily January 16, 2014 at 04:43 PM
Tammy, the superintendent keeps saying that phrase "The New Hopatcong" yet they still keep making the same old mistakes. Again they need someone to write their scripts. As far as those graduates, whoever they are, way to go. your a great motivator and roll model. These screw-ups these seemingly intelligent adults keep doing are the number one reason we get disgusted.. I am so tired of other towns thinking we come from mars. This is a good town with a lot of hardworking, intelligent people. We are not responsible for what they do. We are only guilty of letting them get away with it.
Eyeballs January 16, 2014 at 05:06 PM
really? "roll" model? thanks for demonstrating your intelligence... the results don't lie... camden ranks higher... the loser citizens of hopatcong could care less... thank you... now go do your homework...
ocean111 January 16, 2014 at 06:25 PM
Eyeballs move to Camden, if you are not already there, and keep your comments to yourself. Apparently at one time you were " a loser citizen" or why would you take the time to follow everything that happens here. get a life, already please....
Jessica January 17, 2014 at 07:44 AM
Eyeballs the phrase is couldn't care less. Could care less means that us "loser citizens" actually do care. Guess you never did your homework either.


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