Hopatcong Teachers: Tell Us What You Need

Teachers ask for families to post any food or supplies they may need for their children.

Hopatcong teachers are looking to help their students as the borough continues to suffer from Tropical Storm Sandy aftermath and remains completely without power.

Third grade teacher Danielle Kovach said parents should post on the Hopatcong-Sparta Facebook page about any items needed that would help families in any way.

Kovach said they are wiling to donate food, or anything else that would help the students get through this time.

She said the teachers will either try to bring the items to the families or at the Hopatcong High School shelter.

Post in the comments section or on our Facebook page about items you need.

Koren Böstrom November 01, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Thank you! We are avoiding the shelter because of my son's medical issues, but greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness!
Danielle Kovach November 02, 2012 at 11:02 AM
As of right now, we have delivered diapers, cereal, and water. We hope to deliver adult diapers, wipes, and bread by tonight. We are collecting clothes for families at the shelter. We are also delivering today toys and games for kids to play with at the shelter. Although we can't get to individual families around town, (trust me, I tried), we can get to the shelter. Please continue to post what you need here and on the Patch's FB page and the teachers will do their best to get it to the shelter. Thank you!
proactive bystander November 02, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Thank you, the shelter needs items such as ground coffee (reg and decaf) milk, sugar packets and splenda, hot cups, hot chocolate, water, kid snacks, games, maybe some art supplies (paper, crayons, markers...etc.) feminine hygiene supplies. I will add other items as I think of them.


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