Letter: Christie a 'Sheep In Sheep's Clothing'

Hopatcong teachers union head says governor lies.

On Monday, the State Senate passed a bill aimed at

The bill, which passed 24-15 and must get through the Assembly before landing on Gov. Chris Christie's desk, makes various changes to how public employee retirment systems operate and to the benefit provisions of those systems.

Hopatcong teachers union head Jeff Ryder, a high school social studies teacher, expressed his views on the bill—and Christie—to Patch via email.

This as an unholy coalition between a corrupt governor and a group of spineless legislators who are using this to curry favor with an electorate for November.

This is not leadership, it is cowardly behavior. As Winston Churchill said, they are "sheep in sheep's clothing."

Throughout this entire discussion I have not seen this governor make any comment about him committing to make the payments he is obligated to do. He just spouts off about bipartisan efforts.

The question the press needs to ask the governor is, WILL HE NOW COMMIT TO PAYING HIS BILL? Or will this corrupt snake find another reason to avoid doing the right thing on behalf of the people of New Jersey? And, yes, that also includes tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of public employees.

Everyone likes to talk about how they like collective bargaining. However this governor chose not to engage. He barged into the legislature's redistricting meetings more often than being involved in the bargaining process. I can only assume his comment, "I love collective bargaining, let me at them," was just another lie from a corrupt man.

I would like to see the press follow some of these issues though.

Roll Back Our Tax June 26, 2011 at 12:37 PM
I thought I'd share this with you so the next time a public employee (especially some one in education) tells me how hard they work, tell them how hard I work to support their living. The average teacher salary in Hopatcong is $73,044. The average administrative salary is $122,261. That doesn't include the health benefits, pension, etc. It used to be you took a public job for security. Got lower pay than in the private sector. In other words there was a trade off between risk and reward. Now you get the higher pay, great benefits and job security. Don't believe me? Go to this site and see the compensation gap by state for public vs private workers and wonder why we're being taxed to death. NJ is 3rd highest in union at $72,007 average pay about $6,681 higher that a private worker. http://www.burtonsbriefs.com/2011/03/compensation-gap-by-state-for-public.html Federal government it gets even worse. The average pay there is $81,258 http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/income/2010-08-10-1Afedpay10_ST_N.htm
Lurky Loo June 26, 2011 at 01:34 PM
But it's all for the children!
Roll Back Our Tax June 26, 2011 at 01:59 PM
Oh yea..."we're OBLIGATED". What we'll do as taxpayers is bankrupt the state of NJ and send it into receivorship. We'll make sure the federal government picks up the tab and has to pay these "OBLIGATIONS". When it can't hopefully, by that time Christe will be in the office of the Presidency and he'll start it all over again with what he's doing in NJ. Then the whole world will be in financial ruin with all the debt we've piled up and we'll bankrupt the whole USA! Only then can we get down to reality so we can start over. FYI..it's happening in Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal. Next it will hit other larger financially stable Europen countries like Germany that backed them. Then the old USA that backed Germany and other financially well off European countries will collapse. It can and will happen. Goldman Sachs is betting on it and buying credit derrivative swaps like there's no tomorrow. http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article18015.html We can't be bailing out everyone that threatens a strike to shut down public services, insolvency to a strategic business identity or threat to our national security. Our politicians we elected need to get a handle on this and quit letting the public unions and others I MAY ADD (like Henry Paulsen did when he was Secretary Treasurer under Bush) dictate to the tax paying public how this state or nation is going to spend our money. We need accountability and transparency. Otherwise there's going to be another Civil War!
Roll Back Our Tax June 26, 2011 at 02:20 PM
Here's black and white so everyone can understand what could happen as it did happen to one MAJOR county with 2 MILLION people on Long Island that had NO money and had NO other choice but to cut... http://www.hempstead-dems.com/Clippings/2011-03-19/2011-03-17-Newsday.htm $50.5 MILLION in eliminated county funded positions $15 MILLION in county contracts $15 MILLION in Police Department restructures $20 MILLION lower tax refund liability than projected by NIFA $10 MILLION requested NIFA freeze of union wages. $9.5 MILLION other measures. Total cuts OVER $120 MILLION!!!!!! NO tax money means less salaries, benefits and penions. If you're in public service and have a job be thankful and swallow the pain pill with the rest of us!
Roll Back Our Tax June 28, 2011 at 11:59 AM
$5,497,361,002 given to NJ from Obama from the National Recovery Act fund. Where did the $ go?


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