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3 Brothers Pose Danger to Community, Police Say

Sparta, Hopatcong High Schools Miss NJ Rankings

U.S. News & World Report's annual national rankings released; no Sussex County schools make top 50 spots in the state.

Sparta High School students tested either at or above New Jersey averages, while Hopatcong High School students tested below those numbers, and neither were ranked in the top 50 schools in the state, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The magazine’s annual high school rankings were released Tuesday morning and showed a changeup in the top 10 spots, and no Sussex County school made the top 54.

The top spot went to Biotechnology High School in Freehold, ousting this year’s number two, High Technology High School.

Three main factors are calculated for the rankings, including college readiness, math proficiency and language proficiency.

U.S. News & World Report ranked Hopatcong and Sparta High Schools as indicated in the chart:

School College Readiness Math Proficiency Language Proficiency Hopatcong High School 4.4
(8% AP proficient) 2.8
(65% proficient) 2.9
(83% proficient) Sparta High School 33.2
(39% AP proficient 3.2
(87% proficient) 3.3
(96% proficient)

Sparta had a 14-to-1 student to teacher ratio, while Hopatcong had a 16-to-1 student to teacher ratio, the report showed.

Hopatcong’s numbers were all down from 2012’s report, as the “college readiness”

Just eight percent of Hopatcong High School students tested in AP exams, the report said.

Sparta High School’s college readiness and language proficiency were both above the state average, while its math proficiency was near the New Jersey middle, the report said.

What do you think of the rankings? Do they fall in line with your perception of the high schools?

Denise Caputo April 30, 2013 at 06:15 PM
Surenuff- Nothing that goes on in the middle school or the high school concerning certain people is every a secret. The problem appears to be when the kids who are always in trouble or have some kind of discipline problem, parents often do not want to believe it. People can always leave for better choices, who wouldn't? Trouble makers get sent back to class rooms because the parents are in denial their child might actually be the problem. Your statement above regarding racism affecting the grades is not the intent of your post and I don't believe I said it was. I was referring to the previous post about the 7 children beating a defenseless child on the ground. I would have to question the source of the information. You are claiming racism is on the rise. There are plenty of rumors going around town, mainly from what I can tell, is from a students parent. You also stated one was charged. What did the courts say? What about the other boys? If one was charged why weren't all of them? What about the other boys? What do the police say? You can not say that racism is on the rise. It has been my experience that if some people sat back and looked at their behavior they would see they are the problem and not the solution. There was no need to throw in racial comments in a school reporting article. That is part of the problem, not everything is about race. By putting this comment in, you are drawing attention to something for personal gain. That is shameful.
Denise Caputo April 30, 2013 at 07:33 PM
After pondering the situation last night, I decided it is not necessary to hide behind names.. I am ready. I am demanding justice. However, it will be for the children who are being wrongfully slandered. Way to open up the flood gates. Hate breeds hate. Bullies raise bullies. The only hate I see is from the one who is slandering the kids names all over town. Our school organizations would be wise to reconsider who they have in charge. There is change coming, people will no longer tolerate the nonsense that adults spew for selfish motives. Not everyone needs to hide behind lawyers.
Surenuff May 01, 2013 at 05:26 PM
@Denise The intent of my post can be taken however you like. There are several problems in this school system. I have mentioned a few. The issue regarding the seven boys isn't public record, but like you say the rumor mill is a mist. The issue isn't the students or the behavior of the students. Its more about how the administration deals with the behaviors of those students. If you think only the middle school has issue you would be mistaken. The high school has just as many problems from what I can see. I couldn't tell you what the courts said or the boys or the police. What I can say is that the incident did occur. The kids involved aren't getting away with it (as far as the police are concern anyway). If the racial comment bother you then maybe you should be at the administration building trying to find out why something so nasty is being done and said in the first place. No everything isn't about race, however like I said this is one incident...what about the others because there are many (not necessarily racial). You have questions? Give the superintendent a call and get the answers from him. Go down to a BOE meeting they are every month, don't sit here on an article about how crappy the schools are and complain if you are willing to do anything. That's part of the problem people want to complain but who is willing to step up to the plate?
Clay Thomas May 01, 2013 at 06:23 PM
The current Middle School principal was involuntarily transferred from the High School. Considering the status of the High School, you can make what you want of that.
Denise Caputo May 01, 2013 at 09:39 PM
Surenuff: I think you need to show the same maturity out in public that you show here on patch.


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